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Updated: May 9, 2023

Our digital lives, undoubtedly, have become an integral part of our lives even for individuals that have been trying to "avoid" social platforms. Headshot has also become part of our digital business cards in the corporate or personal environments. A headshot that shows your personality does not only give a great first impression in social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram but also increases your likelihood to expand your network or potential business opportunities. An appropriate and up-to-date headshot that suits your style and personality is definitely a great investment.

Recently, my husband told me that one of the businesses that he works with should update their headshots on the company's website. He thought that the employees were all in their 40s, but then, he found out during a Zoom meeting they are actually in their 60s and do not look like their profile pics at all.

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數位身份在全面 E化的生活裡扮演很重要的角色。Headshot 儼然已經成為了個人數位名片的主流,職場上、面試、獨立工作者需要也重要。傳神的大頭照在 LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram 都是最有效的第一好印象。對企業員工、專業人士、獨立工作者也能提升社交網絡和增加接案機會。投資一個合適自己狀態的 Headshot 是可以帶領我們開拓未來機會的不二法門。

話說前些日子,老公和我說他們的合作公司需要更新 Headshot。因為公司的 Profile 裡全是三四十的夥伴,Zoom 會議才知道其實全都是老頭子。

歡迎預約\ (312) 927 9054

Having a current and appropriate headshot is important for both personal and professional digital presence. It creates a positive impression, expands networks and business opportunities. Outdated headshots can misrepresent individuals and businesses
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