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My Personal Portraits photo sessions provide the best experiences for individual, couple and family portraits.



I love individual portrait session the most because the process (from consultation to makeup and hair prep to the photo session) gives the best experience and benefits to my clients. To feel fabulous about ourselves is essential to all of us.  It is also absolutely important to identify the image that you want to reveal to the world.  Furthermore, your story is unique.  So is your personality.  Once we combine all of these together, we can synthesize them into beautiful images of you - the real you!


During our photo session, I will capture your essence through the lens of my camera and show the “real you” through the photos.


The couple photo session is the most beautiful and memorable way to celebrate love! Life has brought the two of you together.  It is also an amazing opportunity to think back and remind yourselves of all the little things that made your hearts moved like the butterflies you had when you saw each other, the proud moments you had for each other, and the simply daily life that both of you cannot live without. Even with the ups and downs, you always have each other. 


Let’s capture the most beautiful part of your relationship – the genuine love you have for each other and transform these moments into your precious memories that will last forever.



Family is the most important people around us who we love and care the most! Each member of the family contributes to the family and love the family in his or her unique way. Let’s explore these family bonds which are intertwined with daily life and happy moments. 


During the family portrait session, I will magnify the beautiful bonds that the family members have for each other and turn such moments into images that you will cherish for years and generations to come.

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