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My Personal Portraits photo sessions are the ultimate experiences for individual, couple and family portraits.



I love individual portrait session the most simply because I love the experience and benefits so much from the process. Knowing the importance of the image we have of ourselves and the one we want to present to the world. And I sincerely believe that we have, every one of us, a need and also a desire to feel fabulous. So that this kindness can flourish in us and turn into beauty in the eyes of the world. So that, in return, we are able to share it.


Your story is unique. And so is your personality. And that is what’s so interesting!

I seek your essence, how it is expressed, how it communicates, and what it looks like.


The most beautiful and memorable way to celebrate loves! Life is an incredible journey that brought the two of you together, and you have weather do may ups and downs. But you are here today, in a happy and beautiful stage of life. 像是在一次將這份悸動用最美的方式記錄下來。


An amazing opportunity to think back and remind yourselves of all the details that brought the two of you together. The butterflies when seeing each other, the proud moments, the simply daily life but can not live without.


To always remember to love. And as always the most natural and genuine feel you have for each other is the most beautiful part of your relationship. And my part will be to capture these moments so they become precious memories!



Family, the most important people around us who love and cares the most! Everyone of you, in your own method, contribute to your family and love them in a unique way. Let explore what makes you and your family bond so nicely and what make your family so special with these daily life and happy moments.


I will be focusing and magnifying these beautiful bond you have with each other during our family portrait session. It’s what will bring out the best and most genuine feeling you have for your family, which will be the images that you will cherish more and more as the years go by.

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