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about amie

About Amie

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To transform memorable moments into forever images. 

Hi, my name is Amie.  I am a Taiwanese living in Chicago.  Glad to meet you here and I hope to meet you in person someday. 

My calling began in 2006 when I discovered the beauty of a handhold machine…. Camera.  Through this magic machine, I am able to transform moments in life into permanent beautiful images.


After much exploration, I discovered my passion in lifestyle photo shoots, namely family, wedding, or just any moments that’s worth recording.  I’ve had the honor of joining more than 130 beautiful couples in the most important day of their lives and for some, I continue to be part of their lives and help capturing their milestone moments. 


In my spare time (during my days in Taiwan), I also work closely with The Shiner Education Foundation to teach young children photography and help them exploring this world through the camera lenses. 

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